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The two of us are hiking the Appalachian Trail (Georgia to Maine) starting late April 2006. Tin Man is a mid-twenties recent escapee from government tendrils (was an employee, not a prisoner). He plans to kick back in the Northwest until something lures him elsewhere. Scarecrow, nearly mid-twenties, has also just escaped from her own imprisonment (as an undergrad). She's not sure how, when or where, but eventually will be teaching biology. Both are looking forward to a really long walk.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Trail Magic comes knocking.

There's a little thing called "trail magic" out here, and it comes in many forms. A gallon jug full of water sitting on the trail in a dry stretch, a surprise cooler of sodas and juice, even a fresh pizza delivery straight to a shelter or campsite around dinnertime. You never quite know when it's coming, but we've found there to be an endless source of trail angels out here to provide such welcome surprises.

Don't have much time, and I'll hope to give a bit more explanation later, but I'm sitting at the computer of such a trail angel right now, by far the most helpful and generous we've encountered, Mouse's Motor. She lives in Salem, VA, and what started as a half mile lift back to the road ended up as multiple shuttles around the area, a warm and dry place to stay for the night (shower! i got to shower!), and a hot breakfast of sausage and eggs. Might we upgrade this to "trail miracle"? Think so.

Anyway, running off to get a head start on the morning and hike the 20 miles into Daleville. Due to the internet access last night, we even snagged hotel reservations for tonight so as not to run into the full hotel scenerio we encountered in Pearisburg.

So many details, so little time. For now, we're happy, healthy, clean and dry, and immensely grateful to Mouse's Motor!!!

- Scarecrow


Blogger Sandi said...

Hey, Tinman and Scarecrow,

I didn't expect to be the topic of your post- I'm only one of MANY people who are blessed by meeting people such as the two of you.

My pastor preaches that, as Christians, we are blessed to be a blessing. That's what I strive to be to those around me. It's not saying much if you just do something for someone with expectations of getting something in return.

When the experiences of your hike are just a distant memory, I pray that the knowledge of God's love for you will live on strong in your hearts. Anything good that I am or do is all because of Jesus.

Please post OFTEN, as I will be watching your blog excitedly. I'm adding an RSS link to my homepage, so I can keep track of you! (I'm expecting to see pictures of your climb up Katahdin!)

Tinman and Scarecrow, My Life is richer because of meeting you! You're in my prayers- Mouse's Motor

P.S. The door is always open anytime you are in the area. Trail Family is Forever.

6:41 PM  

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